Flights to Thunder Bay

Flights To Thunder Bay

Flights To Thunder Bay

Flights To and From Thunder Bay

Flights To Thunder Bay From Toronto
Passengers needing to fly to Thunder Bay from Toronto not only have a great choice of airlines and departure times, they also have two choice of departure airports. If you wish to depart from Toronto International Airport you can choose between Air Canada and West Jet Airlines. Both airlines offer a choice of departures to Thunder Bay in the morning, afternoon and evening.

If you find it more convenient to depart from Toronto's downtown Billy Bishop airport located on Toronto Island, you can book flights to Thunder Bay with Porter Airlines. Porter also offers several flights a day with morning, afternoon and evening departures.

Flights To Thunder Bay From Montreal
There are no direct, non stop flights to Thunder Bay from Montreal. However Air Canada, Porter and WestJet all offer numerous flights to Thunder Bay from Montreal with a stop in Toronto. Some flights are direct, meaning you still stop in Toronto, however no plane change is required. With the frequency of flights between Montreal and Toronto your average total travel duration between Montreal and Thunder Bay is under 4 hours with an average round trip fare of $265 including fees and taxes.
Flights To Thunder Bay From Ottawa
Although there are no non stop flights from Ottawa to Thunder Bay, passengers can take an early morning departure out of Ottawa and arrive in Thunder Bay before noon. Air Canada, Porter and WestJet all offer flights between Ottawa and Thunder Bay with a stop in Toronto. Some flights may require a plane change while others are direct - meaning that you still make a stop in Toronto but no plane change is required.

The average travel duration time between Ottawa and Thunder Bay is less than four hours with an average round trip fare of $250 including fees and taxes.

Flights To Thunder Bay From Winnipeg
Direct, non stop flights are available between Winnipeg and Thunder Bay with Air Canada and WestJet Airlines. Currently Porter Airlines does not fly further west than Thunder Bay. WestJet offers two daily departures with a morning and early evening flight. Air Canada offers one flight a day with a late night departure out of Winnipeg at 10:05 pm. Non stop flights average 1.5 hours with a round trip cost averaging around $200 including taxes and fees. Currently WestJet Airlines lowest round trip fare is showing as $197 with taxes and fees.

Bearskin Airlines also offers flights to Thunder Bay from Winnipeg. You will however make 2 or 3 stops which may include Dryden, Sioux Lookout and Red Lake

Flights to Thunder Bay From Calgary
Both Air Canada and WestJet offer flights between Calgary and Thunder Bay. Both airlines require a minimum of one stop and some flights make two stops and a plane change. WestJet offrs the quickest travel time with a flight from Calgary to Thunder Bay in four hours with a stop in Winnipeg included. Other flights may route you through Toronto which can increase your travel time to 6 - 7 hours with a plane change required in Toronto.

The average round trip fare for either airline is currently showing around $325 including fees and taxes.

Flights Between Thunder Bay and Northern / Northwestern Ontario Communities

Sioux Lookout: Sioux Lookout is a major hub airport for northern travel making it the busies airport north of Thunder Bay. There are numerous scheduled and charter airlines providing service in and out of Sioux Lookout and between Thunder Bay.

The following regional airlines provide scheduled service into Sioux Lookout

  • Beasrskin Airlines

  • North Star Air

  • Perimeter Airlines

  • Wasaya Airways

  • Slate Falls Airways

Red Lake: The Red Lake district is a very busy community built primarily on the gold mining industry. Flights in and out of Red Lake are kpt busy transporting mine workers, support industry personell, local residents an in the summer months a high volume of fishermen. Bearskin Airlines and Wasaya Airways provide regular scheduled flights between Red Lake and Thunder Bay. Wasaya and North Star Air provide scheduled service between Red Lake and many of the northern communities including Sioux Lookout.

Dryden: The town of Dryden enjoys regular scheduled flight service by Bearskin Airlines. You can fly Bearskin from Dryden to Thunder Bay - plus you can connect with many of the other regional communities such as Sioux Lookout, Red Lake, Kenora and Fort Frances as well as Winnipeg.

Kenora: Bearskin Airlines also serves the northwestern ontario community of Kenora.You can fly between Kenora and Thunder Bay with stops either in Sioux Lookout and Dryden or stops in Fort Frances.

Fort Frances: Bearskin Airlines has direct flights between Fort Frances and Thunder Bay.

Sudbury: You have a few flight options when it comes to flying between Sudbury and Thunder Bay. You can fly Bearskin Airlines which has a direct flight to Sudbury from Thunder Bay or you can fly Air Canada / Porter Airlines or WestJet. These three airlines do not have direct flights between Sudbury and Thunder Bay - all flights require a stop and plane change in Toronto.

Air Charter Services & Helicopter Flights
There are also charter flights available to and from Thunder Bay from virtually any departure point across Canada or the USA. If you need to charter a flight out of Thunder Bay however, the following airlines can provide you wheel plane, float plane and helicopter charter services.
  • Air Bravo - fixed wing / wheels
  • Bearskin Airlines - fixed wing / wheels
  • North Star Air - fixed wing / wheels
  • Thunder Airlines - fixed wing / wheels
  • Wilderness North - fixed wing / wheels / floats / skiis
  • Wisk Air - Helicopter charters
If you wish to search information and rates on any of these or other air charter services throughout Northern and Northwestern Ontario - search
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Geraldton is 285 km north east of Thunder Bay via hwy 11/17. Link to flights and hotels.


Kenora is 490 km west of Thunder Bay via Hwy17. Links to flights and hotels.

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Red Lake

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Sioux Lookout

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The distance to Sudbury from Thunder Bay is 1015 km. Links to flights and hotels.


It is 785 km from Thunder Bay to Timmins, Links to flights and hotels.

Flights To Thunder Bay
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