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Our Free Guide To Airline Carry-Ons Just Might Save You $40 Next Time You Fly!

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Guide To Airline Carry-Ons - Included With Your Free Subscription To "Airlines & Airports"

If you have flown airlines recently, you may have experienced difficulty in finding room to store your carry-on bag in the overhead bin directly above your seat. You find a spot two rows behind you - then you spend the entire flight worrying that someone will take your bag by mistake upon landing.

Lower fuel prices has allowed airlines to lower fares on many flights. They have however, offset those lower fares by increaseing fees for checked baggage. More and more people are flying these days and are trying to save money by packing as much as they can in their carry-on bags. Unfortunately when they arrive at the airport they are finding the airlines are strictly enforcing new weight and size restrictions for carry-ons. Passengers who thought they were getting a great deal on air fare are now shelling out another $35 - $40 for last minute checked baggage because their carry-on no longer qualifies as a carry-on.

Our Free "Guide To Airline Carry-Ons" is designed to help passengers avoid these problems and added charges. Unfortunately there is not one set airline industry size and weight standard for carry-ons.

You can find all this information on each airline's website. However, what we have done is compiled all this information for Canadian / USA and other foreign airlines in one easy to read guide - so now you will have all this information at your fingertips. Then if you wish, you may opt into our FREE Travel Bulletin updates, which will notify you immediately by email when there is a change to any of the airline's regulations and restrictions.

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What Is "Airlines & Airports"

Airlines & Airports is a monthly online publication distributed by email. It is designed primarily for Canadian Business and Vacation Travelers who will benefit from the very latest and most relative information on all aspects of airline travel across Canada, into the USA, Bahamas, Caribbean, Cuba and Mexico.

Perfect for The Business Traveler

If your a business traveler who flies commercial airlines on a regular basis, this publication will allow you to concentrate on your customer, your upcoming meetings and the business at hand and not waste time searching for the most current travel information / restrictions and security measures for your airline, airport and destination.

Optional Travel Bulletins For Both Business & Vacation Travelers

Once you subscribe to "Airlines & Airports" - you will have the option of opting in to our Travel Bulletin Updates - also Free of charge. You simply select the airlines and or airports that interest you the most from a list of options. Then, whenever we receive an update, a new regulation, a new restriction or even a special air fare - you will receive an immediate bulletin by email for the options you have chosen.

An Absolute Necessity For Anyone Traveling On Vacation

Picture yourself arriving at the airport for the start of weeks vacation - you're anticipation and excitement soon gives way to despair and disappointment when the airline tells you your carry-on is too heavy or too large and you need to pay $40 to have it checked. You then get to security screening only to find that the shampoo, toothpaste and mouthwash is not allowed in your carry-on and must be left behind. Or that you have packed it incorrectly.

Or, you arrive at the US Customs pre clearance area and are refused entry because of the improper documentation.

Proof Of Health Insurance

Do you know which countries require proof of health insurance for Foreign Travelers prior to entering their country?

Our Goal Is To Eliminate Your Potential Travel Problems

These are just some of the frustrations that hundreds of vacation travelers encounter each day at airports across the country. It is our goal to help you eliminate these delays and potential problems by providing you with as much current and constantly updated Airline and Airport Travel information as possible - ensuring you have a pleasant and worry free vacation from start to finish! It's all free, so take advantage of it today!

Here Are Just Some Of The Features / Guides and Airline Travel Tips Included In Upcoming Issues Of "Airlines & Airports"

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Carry On Baggage Size & Weight Restrictions

There Is No One Airline Standard For Carry On Baggage Size and Weight. This Guide Is Especially Helpful When You Connect With Other Airlines

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Airport Screening Canada / USA / Bahamas / Caribbean / Cuba & Mexico

How To Avoid Delays In Security Screening Across Canada and Foreign Countries


Packing Your Carry On Bag - What Not To Include

Security Agents Will Confiscate Shamppoo / Toothpaste / Lotions & Liquids If They Are Not the Proper Size & Packed Properly. Know What To Pack!

Passengers with Disabilities

Tips For Airline Passengers With Disabilities

Airlines Will Always Give Passengers With Disabilities Priority Treatment - But You Will Avoid Delays When You Know Policies For Each Airline

Flying with Portable Electronic Devices

Guide To Using Electronic Devices On Airlines

We Provide A Quick Guide and Links To The Use of Electronic Device Policies For Dozens Of Airlines Across Canada and USA

travel with kids

Traveling With Children - Best Practices & Safety Tips

When Traveling With Children, Your Primary Concern Is Their Safety and Security - Plus Keeping Them Entertained On Long Trips.

Days Inn

Documents For Canadians Flying to Foreign Countries

Be Sure You Have All The Proper Documentation Before Heading To A Foreign County. You May Need Proof Of Health Insurance

Airport WiFi

Airport WiFi - Protecting Your Identity & Information

How Safe Is Airport WiFi? Is It Safe To Check My Bank or Credit Card Balance Online While At the Airport? What Steps Can I Take To Ensure Online Security?

Flying With Pets

Guide To Traveling With Pets Documents & Restrictions

You're Going On Vacation For A Week And You Hate To Leave Your Pet Behind. Find The Costs, Regulations and Restrictions For Bringing Your Pet Along.

Staying Safe At Airport

Keeping Safe and Secure While At The Airport

In Some Cases, You May Spend More Time Waiting At An Airport Terminal Than On The Flight. Tips On Keeping Your Bags, Documents, Money and Identity Safe.

Days Inn North

Women Traveling Alone - Safety & Security Tips

It's Not Uncommon For Women Traveling Alone To Feel A Bit Apprehensive and Insecure. Discover How to Mitigate Your Fears and Anxiety

Navigating Toronto Pearson

Guide To Toronto Pearson Airport - Arriving & Departing

A Comprehensive Guide Plus VideoTo Help You Navigate Canada's Largest & Busiest Airport When You Are Arriving, Departing or Just Meeting A Flight

Billy bishop Airport

Guide To Billy Bishop Airport / Arriving & Departing

Once You've Been Through Toronto's Billy Bishop Airport - You Will See How Easy and Convenient It Is. Here Is A Guide for First Timers!

USA Customs PreClearance

Canadian Airports With US Customs Pre-Clearance

If You Are Flying To The USA From Canada, Learn These PreClearance Procedures Available At Many Canadian Airports

Chicago OHare Airport

Guide To Chicago OHare Airport - Arriving & Departing

This Information Guide Along With Video Is A Must For Anyone Planning On Flying In or Out of Chicago's O'Hare International Airport for The First Time.

Sports Equipment

Airlines & Sports Equipment / Musical Instruments

If You Are Flying With Golf Clubs, Skiis, Surf Board, Fishing & Hunting Equipment or Musical Instruments - You Need to Know This Ahead of Time!

las vegas

Guide To Las Vegas - Flights / Hotels / Shows & Attractios

A Comprehensive Guide to Flights To Las Vegas, Including McCarran International Airport / Ground Transportation / Hotels / Shows / Attractions

Airport Ground Transportation

North American Airport Ground Transportation

A Comprehensive Guide With Links To Bus / Van / Taxi / Train / Limo / Car Rentals For Airports Across Canada, USA. Bahams and Caribbean

. . . And Much, Much More To Come!

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